“Provincetown is the most bicycle-friendly town I have experienced in the U.S.” 

Lovely Bicycle


What makes Provincetown bicycle-friendly? Nearly everyone rides a bike here and bikes are used on our streets year-round. Find out more in our Bicycle Friendly Community application about how the town supports bicycling.


Bicycle Friendly Community Application

Below you can read the full text of our application to the to the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Community program. The application was submitted on February 9, 2018 and we expect to hear the results later this spring.

A. Community Profile
B. Engineering
C. Education
D. Encouragement
E. Enforcement & Safety
F. Evaluation & Planning
G. Final Overview
Supplementary Materials

We are looking forward to the League’s feedback on the kinds of actions that the town can take to become one of the highest-ranking bike-friendly communities in the nation.

How will Provincetown rank?

Culture & History

Bike culture is an indicator of how normal it is to ride a bike and to see others on their bikes. You can see Provincetown’s culture of everyday bicycling reflected in its music, art, and history.

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Safety & Ridership

We’ve compiled lots of details on our year-round ridership, peak bike counts in the summer, crash statistics, and our low-stress bike network.

Safety & Ridership Stats »

Planning, Projects, & Policies

Town is committed to bicycling through planning, designing, and funding new bicycle projects. Many policies are already in place to support these initiatives.

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Outreach & Education

The town’s Bicycle Committee and Police Department host and participate in events to engage with residents and visitors, have active online presences, and provide free safety gear and information. 

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